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            Use clothes hangers to save life from the mess of clothes!

            Hangers are an indispensable daily necessities in our daily life. Nowadays, some of the hangers on the market are made of plastic and some are made of wood. Plastic hangers have always been used at home. After using it for a long time, I found out...

            If you have a wardrobe, you also need a clothes hanger!

            Is it enough to have a wardrobe? Clothes hangers are also required. Clothes can’t be thrown in a mess in the cabinet. Some clothes need to be dried on hangers so that they won’t wrinkle or crease. The hangers are made of wooden plastic. Which one is more suitable? Hangers The designs are also different. Which hanger is more convenient to use? There are some hangers available for reference. Plastic hangers In the early years, wooden hangers were used at home, which was a piece of wood under an iron hook. Due to the simple structure, the clothes often slip down and be blown away by the wind, which is very inconvenient. This hanger has a simple appearance but a unique design. There is a non-slip design and a hanging position for small objects. Telescopic drying rack The balcony is too small, and sometimes it’s not enough to dry clothes. I am really worried about my mother. Later, a retractable hanger appeared. This hanger can be retractable and can be folded and stood on the side when not in use. It does not take up space at all. Is the hanger very convenient? Lifting drying rack Drying rack Lifting balcony drying rack Double-pole hand-operated clothes rail drying quilt rack Automatic lifting drying rack Mom is short. When she was young, she sometimes had to put a small stool to hang her clothes when she was young. Now that there is such an automatic lifting rack, you don’t have to worry about hanging clothes in high places. You can lower the rack to a suitable one. Position, hang up the clothes before raising them. Simple drying rack The space on the balcony is really limited. Sometimes I want to put everything out to dry but I don’t have a place. You don’t have to worry about having such a simple drying rack. Not only can you dry clothes and quilts, but you can also dry your bags on it. Convenient, the shelf below can dry the toys. Seamless hanger When washing clothes in winter, some clothes are relatively heavy. After a few days of drying, the hangers are deformed, and they are not so easy to use. This hanger is thickened with electroplated metal hooks to prevent deformation and has a non-slip design. Worried about the clothes being blown away by the wind. Underwear socks rack Girls are more troublesome. When washing clothes, in addition to large clothes, there are also a pile of underwear and stockings. These small clothes are not very suitable for drying on hangers. With this underwear stocking rack, everything is solved. problem. Multi-layer drying rack The closet in the dormitory is so small that it is not enough to fit. At this time, we need to think about some tips. This multi-layer clothes rack, a very creative hanger that can hang many clothes, can hang all the tops that are often worn. It’s also more convenient to take them together. Multi-layer pants rack Pants are more stylish on hangers, but the wardrobe is too small to dry them one by one. With this multi-layer trouser rack, it is much more convenient. One hanger can store all the trousers and save some space. Put on other clothes.

            These plastic hangers can easily help you

            Hangers are an indispensable daily necessities in our daily life. Nowadays, some of the hangers on the market are made of plastic and some are made of wood. Plastic hangers have always been used at home. After a long time, I found out... hangers are indispensable daily necessities in our daily life. Now some hangers on the market are made of plastic and some are made of wood. . Plastic hangers have always been used at home. After using it for a long time, I found out...

            A population of 650 million: Chinese clothing brands take a foothold in Southeast Asia

            Thailand, CentralwOrld, this is one of the largest shopping malls in Southeast Asia, where many world brands have entered. This time, Zhou Jianping, Chairman of Hailan Group, and President Zhou Lichen presented here, announcing that its three major brands, HLA, Black Whale HLAJEANS, and OVV, have officially entered the Thai market. Globalization is an unstoppable trend. The deployment of domestic brands overseas will help the brand complete the planning level and globalize the brand image. For apparel companies, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. Why do apparel companies want to go overseas? The clothing profession is an important part of the fashion industry, and the fashion industry is based on the spiritual and civilized needs of people in the consumer era. In the past, fashionable civilization mostly originated from Europe. Taking Paris Fashion Week as an example, it has become the world's top fashionable industry event. The presentation of world brands is actually a kind of civilized output. Fashion has been planned, produced, promoted, and sold products or services that are advanced in the times and decorate and beautify people's lives. It is attributed to the creativity and inspiration of different civilizations, and guides the direction of civilization and the preferences of the audience. Customers like foreign brands, but they also like the civilization on the back. Therefore, the export of the clothing profession is first of all the output of civilization. Another important reason is income. Take the American brand Nike as an example. In fiscal year 2018 (June 2017-May 2018), Nike's sales in Greater China were US$5.134 billion. Excluding the impact of exchange rates, it increased by 21% year-on-year. The growth rate is in all shopping malls. In the 2017 fiscal year, H&M's sales in China were 11.03 billion Swiss kronor (approximately 8.13 billion yuan), accounting for 4.8% of global sales. The highest income was Uniqlo. In fiscal year 2018, the revenue of Chinese shopping malls It accounts for 70% of its total revenue. The world's brands have made high incomes when they go overseas in my country. The entire textile and apparel industry is also going abroad. According to the my country Minsheng Bank's "Textile and Apparel Industry Investment Strategy Statement in 2019", it is shown that domestic apparel industry consumption has steadily increased, and professional performance is stable. Going to the sea is the choice of many textile and apparel companies. As one of the industrial chains of the clothing industry, the textile manufacturing industry has been impacted by the low cost of Southeast Asia and other places. Blum Oriental, Jiansheng Group, Huafu Fashion, etc. have set up production bases in Southeast Asia, and the world trade situation and exchange rate fluctuations have changed. , The overseas deployment of textile and garment enterprises will help strengthen their cost advantages, and their competitiveness in world shopping malls is expected to increase. Fundamentally speaking, under the background of globalization trend, going overseas is also an industrial promotion and channel promotion of the clothing profession. Why Southeast Asia? Many times, the domestic think that the backwardness of Southeast Asian shopping malls can complete the impact of model dimensionality reduction. In fact, it is not. Take Thailand as an example. Thailand is a country where Eastern and Western civilizations blend. As the capital, Bangkok is the same as domestic cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. In other aspects, it is even at the leading level in Asia, so the requirements will only be higher. From the perspective of shopping mall format, although the entire Southeast Asian region is multi-ethnic, it is mostly Asian, with similar civilizations and loose market competition. The total population of all countries in Southeast Asia exceeds 650 million, which is equivalent to half of my country's shopping malls. The market potential is huge. As a result, Southeast Asia has become a forward-looking post for globalization. According to the "2019 BrandZ Top 50 Chinese Overseas Brands Statement" released by the world's largest advertising group WPP Group and Kantar. It shows that the "brand power" index of Chinese brands in 2019 has increased by 15% year-on-year, which is three times the increase last year. The vitality and competitiveness of Chinese enterprises are increasing. Among the many Chinese brands that have successfully gone overseas, Huawei is undoubtedly the leader. Lenovo and Ali follow closely behind, with extraordinary results, and many mobile phone brands such as vivo and OPPO are selling well overseas. Chinese brand corps have formed an overseas market. The strength of our country cannot be underestimated, and the world has to look at it with admiration. In the Internet industry, Alibaba launched Lazada, a Southeast Asian e-commerce website, and Tencent has directly or indirectly invested in

            Maintenance method of wooden hangers

            1. It is a common phenomenon that wooden hangers are simply dry and cracked when they are placed in a boring climate. Painted hangers are easy to fall off dust. This is a common phenomenon. This can be prevented. The wooden hanger should be placed in a place where it can be exposed to the sun. It should be placed in a ventilated, dry and humid environment. Do not maintain it in the sun or on a rainy day. 2. If there is dust on the painted hanger, use a soft cloth along the lines of the wood to remove the dust for the hanger. Before removing the dust, apply a spray on the soft cloth. Do not wipe with a dry cloth to avoid wiping. Generally speaking, skin care products such as spray cleaners are good choices for skin care products of this type of wood products. It can form a layer of maintenance film on its appearance, which is waterproof, dustproof and scratch-proof. Provide deep moisturizing and maintenance to the wood, make the wood full of brightness, and delay the gradual fading, dry cracking, husk and aging due to sunlight or ultraviolet light. And easy to use, one spray, one wipe, dust removal, glazing, and maintenance are completed at one time. 3. If the wooden hanger is handled too dry, cracks and cracks will easily occur. If you find that there are already some cracks or cracks, you can use a small tool to squeeze the maintenance product into the crack to prevent it from continuing to expand. After long-term use of the wooden hanger, the appearance will be cracked, so the daily cleaning and maintenance work should not be too idle. 4. We need to constantly keep the clothes hangers clean. Don't let the daily dirt adhere to the surface of the wooden utensils for a long time, which will cause the dirt to form, which will not be removed. 5. The deformation of the hanger is mainly because the wood has too much water content and the temperature is too high. Perhaps the clothes hanging exceeds the weight that the hanger can accept. In the maintenance process, pay attention to the ventilation and dry humidity of the wardrobe, and choose the appropriate hanger according to the weight of the clothes. 6. When there is liquid remaining on the outside of the hanger, it should be scrubbed immediately and kept dry. It is recommended to do maintenance work every 2 months.

            The life of the hanger

            The hanger also has a lifespan! The life span of plastic clothes hangers is different from that of solid wood clothes hangers! After all, it is a different kind of material. The commercial service life of solid wood hangers is longer, generally up to 3-5 years or even longer, but it depends on the material and the environment. If the ambient temperature is high, the temperature is high, or there is insect damage, the life will be shortened. If the exterior paint ages quickly, the oxidizing and rusting of the hardware fittings will also end the commercial service life early. Special reminder, even the best solid wood hangers are not suitable for drying clothes, it will accelerate the aging of the protective layer, and then grow mold and decay. The service life of plastic hangers will be aging and frayed due to materials, so the commercial service life is shorter, usually less than 3 years, properly used, more than 3 years is completely acceptable, inferior quality may be less than 1 year. The life of plastic hangers is also affected by materials, processes and the environment. For example, PP material has a long life and good adaptability (but there is insufficient shrinkage in the production molding process). There are also oxidation problems during the use of hardware accessories. Paint, there is the possibility of aging, high temperature or sunlight environment will accelerate the aging of paint and plastic, too low temperature will make some materials obviously brittle, such as PS material.
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